FWTFL: Be a VIP!!!

Hi friends! I'm excited and proud to report some of the changes I've experienced since starting FWTFL in January. As you know, the scale is not always the best indicator for true insight. While the scale does show a 4 lb…

April 30, 2024
Faster Way to Fat Loss workout pic, FWTFL review

Faster Way To Fat Loss: First Impression

Hi friends! I want to take this opportunity to share my initial thoughts or “first impression” if you will on the Faster Way to Fat Loss program, after completing my first round. In full transparency, I had done the program YEARS ago, and it’s…

February 28, 2024
FWTFL program, Faster Way to Fat Loss program

An Introduction to the Faster Way to Fat Loss Program

Embracing a healthier lifestyle becomes even more crucial as we age. As I approach my 39th birthday, the desire to prioritize fitness and well-being takes center stage. In this blog post, we’re going to talk about the Faster Way to Fat Loss program, what…

January 22, 2024
Costa d'Este outdoor pool, review of Vero Beach luxury hotel Costa d'Este

Costa d’Este, a Vero Beach Gem

Costa d’Este Beach Resort & Spa, nestled along the beautiful shores of Vero Beach, stands as a beacon of luxury and tranquility on Florida’s East Coast. This laid-back luxury hotel offers the perfect blend of modern elegance, top-notch service, and a relaxed coastal vibe,…

December 19, 2023
Holiday Fashion Walmart, Plaid blazer for Christmas, blazer and jeans outfit

Holiday Fashion with Walmart

Okay, seriously… how cute is this plaid blazer? It’s one of the many pieces I was so excited about, and it did not disappoint! Walmart really impressed me this season. Not only with the quantity of…

November 26, 2022
free assembly walmart mens clothing winter line, Casey Cittadino

Free Assembly Mens Line

My husband, Casey made a comment to me not too long ago that it was harder for men to find affordable, high quality clothing. I, being the kind of wife that loves to prove him wrong challenged him, and told him I'd gladly find…

November 10, 2022
Halloween snack tray Walmart grocery

Halloween Snack Tray

I think I've found my new favorite hobby... Making snack trays is incredibly satisfying and relaxing. As soon as we received our Walmart grocery delivery [and spent some time perusing Pinterest], I got to work! We have a few upcoming Halloween parties,…

October 4, 2022
Walmart fashion midi skirt and top

Walmart: Fall Fashion New Arrivals

Walmart is killin' the fall fashion game this season. From classic to trendy, they have you covered. While I personally love updating my wardrobe pretty frequently, I am mindful of the cost associated with doing so. With inflation and so much uncertainty at the…

October 3, 2022